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End of Life Chores Content Samples
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CarePlanIt Framework
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-> One Day Financial Audit (Comprehensive Guide to evaluating what you have, what you need, and how to grow your resources.)

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Basic Overview – Evaluating Financial Needs of Seniors

How To Grow Your Income 

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-> Activities of Daily Living Assessment Worksheet

-> Instrumental Activities of Daily Living Assessment Worksheet

-> 1st Call Hospital Sheets

-> 1st Call Doctor Sheets

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Basic Overview – How to Assess Health As It Affects Our Daily Life

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-> Senior Housing Evaluation

-> Advanced Housing Directive

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Types of Senior Housing

Planning For The Future

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-> Advanced Medical Directive

-> What To Do When There’s

      No Will (includes funeral planning)

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Power of Attorney – Sample

Will – Sample

Trust – Sample

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-> Helping Seniors Get Things Done

-> Task Assignment Sheet

-> Task Completion Sheet

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How Ager’s Make Decisions

Importance of Family

Why Communication Matters

Best Practices: Tips & Techniques

Adv Med Dir Explanation.pdf

Adv Med Dir.pdf

What To Do When There's No Will.pdf