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What's Your Senior Emergency or 911?

Carmen and I are here to help with common senior (elderly) emergencies. Although your emergency or challenge is unique to you and your loved ones, it is likely one that thousands of others have addressed. Therefore, we’ll try and share here what we’ve learned about your challenge.

On this page Carmen and I have identified the emergencies we get the most inquiries about. 

Review the categories below. Find your emergency, and click. Health issues like Alzheimer’s, cancer or diabetes are under “Health, Hospitalizations, and Illnesses.” Skilled nursing facilities and assisted living would be under “Housing.” You get the picture.

Health, Hospitalization & Illness Emergencies

Senior emergencies relating to health typically involve (1) things you are hospitalized for and (2) chronic illnesses you address over time. As a result, when a senior is hospitalized, it leads to a bunch of issues relating to housing, finances and family. Find issues below relating to health (cancer, Alzheimer’s, etc.), hospitalizations (falls, stroke, etc.), and illnesses (diabetes, congestive failure, etc.).

Senior Decision Making Emergencies

Decision making emergencies impact decision making when you can’t make them.  For example, if you are unconscious, who makes decisions on your behalf? What if you are incompetent? Solutions include things like powers of attorneys, advance directives, and medical powers of attorneys. Find these issues below. 

Financial Issue Emergencies

Financial issues involve management and spending issues. These include financial assessments, budgets, and audits. Money problems, for example, come in many forms. They include things like overspending and getting stuck in bad financial situations. Find these issues below. 

Money Problem Emergencies

Housing Issue Emergencies

Generally, Carmen and I found seniors most concerned about two categories of housing emergencies. One is the ability to stay in one’s home. The other is what are the alternative to my own home. Find these issues below. 

Types of Senior Housing

Costs Of Living In Own Home

Family Issue Emergencies

Emergency non-family communication issues generally involve family members deeply involved in each other’s housing or financial issues. Notably, family members living together or spending each other’s money. Find these issues below. 

Communicating With Family Emergencies

Family communication emergencies tend to involve ineffective communication, not getting along and controlling family members. Find these issues below.