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Health, Hospitalization & Illness Emergencies

CarePlanIt breaks down emergencies relating to health into (1) logistics, (2) things you are hospitalized for, and (3) chronic illnesses you address over time.


Logistics is about the process of managing and coordinating resources. As seniors with health issues, logistics involve us; our doctors, treatments, and medications. It involves transportation to and from appointments. This covers appointments with doctors and dentists and with rehabilitative therapists. It also included following medication and rehabilitative protocols. The medical community calls this compliance.


Most seniors fear being rushed to the hospital. We’ve all heard rumors that its easy to get sicker by going to a hospital. There are even studies that show seniors that go to hospitals often get sicker.

Common reasons for hospitalizations involve:

Chronic Illnesses

Our final category for this Section is chronic illnesses. Almost every senior has one chronic illness, and most will have three by the time they reach seventy-five.

Chronic illnesses last over a year and usually for a senior’s remaining lifetime. Managing these are essential because failure to do so results in increased hospitalizations and medical needs.