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Housing Content Samples
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CarePlanIt Framework
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This content helps you assess your financial situation or that of a loved one. The content answers question like how much do I have, how much do I need, and how do I increase my resources? From our biggest concern point of view, what do I have to do to live where I want to live (Housing) and if I need help, how much (Health) and how can I get it (Finances, Family)?


This content helps assess the ability to manage your daily life. If you need help, what kind of halp? We also address what this help costs, and how to optimize this help so you can use the help to live where you want to live. 


How can I stay in my home for as long as possible? If I need to move, what are my options? How do I assess, evaluate and prioritize my options?


What we need to do toward the end of our life so our wishes are followed and our last years reflect our goals, not the goals of others. This content covers estate planning – wills and trusts, advance medical directives, power of attorney, and funeral plans. 


This content assesses effective ways to communicate with family so the Ager and their family can address key issues (Finances, Health, Housing & End of Life Chores). It helps seniors and their family address and optimize challenges related to aging.

Senior Facility Evaluation.pdf

Advanced Housing Directive.pdf